Remote Workers can Compromise your Communications Network

It is a strange new world for most businesses. More workers than ever are working remotely from home…across all industries, and products and solutions. Examples of the effects of this new reality are in the news daily.

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While businesses are scrambling to address the current crisis, and keep their communications and data safe, they should also be looking at the long-term effects of managing an online workforce that will be exposing their network security. Will there be a permanent paradigm shift? Even as some workers go back to reporting to offices and other work locations, will there still be a significant number who choose to work from home?

Networks and cloud infrastructures were already straining under increased cyber vulnerabilities and attacks.

(See NetAbstraction blogs: “Cloud Vulnerabilities” and“Network Vulnerabilities”.)

Best practices suggested in the recent past are still valid now:

  • Use a low-profile surrogate identity to subscribe for network services and especially for cloud hosting of your sensitive data.
  • Isolate and disguise your network within the overall cloud environment so that it is not as apparent to APTs that may be lingering in-wait.
  • Utilize more than one cloud to make it more difficult for an APT in one environment to “hop” and follow your activity.
  • Don’t be a static network. If you shift and move, APTs can’t easily map your location and then simply sit in-wait to steal and collate your data.
  • Be proactive, not reactive. Disguise and protect your network before you become the target of an APT.

Enterprises need to look beyond their current configurations and reactionary processes.

NetAbstraction is unique in that the company provides a proactive foundation for smart enterprise privacy. By transparently distributing network communications within and across multiple clouds, and regularly churning the underlying network infrastructure, NetAbstraction effectively hides your enterprise’s network.

The dynamic shifting of communications across multiple commercial providers and use of multi-hop transport, make actual user information, origin location and identities a nearly impossible target to find for hackers, search engine optimization companies and other privacy threats.

Enterprises must start thinking about their networks proactively instead of reactively, and consider reducing their “network risk insurance”costs.

NetAbstraction can help with network and cloud security options now and in the future with a Malware-Protected Browser for both remote and onsite workers, and a Wi-Fi Hotspot device for remote workers.

“If they can’t find you…they can’t attack you.”

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